Vintage Victorian Fainting Couch

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Vintage Victorian Fainting Couch– The Fainting Room was a small room, typically with just one window and usually on the high of the steps. It additionally serviced the opposite function of being a real ‘Fainting Room’ because of the style of the hourglass determine and suffocating corsets. Girls typically retired to the ‘Fainting Room’ each time they grew to become faint or wished for a second alone to relaxation when entertaining.

Many individuals will declare that the Chaise Longue was invented within the Victorian period – in actuality, they existed in Egypt and Greece at the very least 2000 years prior, and presumably way back to the eighth century BCE. Sadly, taking a millennia-outdated piece of furnishings and reinventing it as a strictly Victorian “fainting sofa” (and treating their invention as a direct response to the corset) did nothing greater than glorify and perpetuate the fainting tradition and assist Victorian ladies look fabulous whereas they had been (pretending to be) unconscious.

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