What is your Favorite Drawer Pulls?

Nowadays, there is tons of drawer pulls design. Each design is believed to be produced for the certain constructions or certain drawer type. Each drawer belongs to each design and each level of the product. It means that more modern the drawer, more elegant the drawer pulls. It will match with the certain needs.

Various Kinds of drawer pulls

There are some materials of drawer pulls to be produced. It can be irons, stainless steel and wooden handle. You may choose them according to the drawer type and size and also according to what you need. Furthermore, there are some models of drawer pulls. There is a standard and classic long handle; Antique Drawer Pulls, there is round handle, square, buttons and some more designs. You may also find some decorative handle with the head of the lions, sun flower, and leaves and something like robe design.

Some manufacturer offers made to order drawer pulls or personalized Drawer Pulls and Knobs. This drawer pull are much more attractive than the standard and traditional one. The special pulls such as initial in letters such as A, B, C and so on or numbers such as 1, 2, 3 and so on. What about your own choice and designs?

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